Tuesday, June 27, 2006

my approach to knitting projects is definitely... organic.

still in the works: the spiral scarf (which hasn't budged since that last posting), turbulence (the sleeves are dawdling), the phyllo yoke pullover (no pix yet of this ecoknit wonder but i'm ready to begin the yoke sans sleeves in about 30 more endless stockinette rows on the front), and now....

me? an organic process

here's my 4th (yep) WIP from knitting nature. the beginnings of the bubble pullover, ladies and gentlemen, in berroco ultra alpaca in 'fennel'. i'll be the first and most vocal critic of berroco's designs, but this yarn is luscious. gorgeous stitch definition, ├╝bersoft, and sooooOOOOooOo easy to knit with. it's superdreamy. it's like, my dream boat. it's, well, fantasy yarn.

need i say more?

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At 2:24 PM, Blogger Amy said...

woo hoo, I was hoping someone was going to make the bubble sweater, I've been eyeballing it for fall.


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