Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spiral Scarf

Here's a picture of my Spiral scarf. I'm using Koigu and Claudia Handpainted for alternate hexagons, since the colours seem to complement each other well, and the gauge is really loose and drapey, on size 5 needles. It makes for a softer scarf this way, I think. As you can see, I didn't knit it all in one direction. I started with a couple mid-sized ones, then knit two larger ones and joined them with a fifth one. My largest is at 20 stitches so far, and I don't think I'll make a larger one than that.

This is a quick, fun and addictive knit! Incidentally, the cast on question I had a few days ago was resolved easily. Basically, no matter what cast on you do, just make sure you leave a tail long enough to pick up half the number of stitches of a side. That makes for a stronger join with the next hexagon. As for the very first one, the tail doesn't matter. I like the nice, pointed edge of the long-tail cast on.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Gal with Droplet Hat!

Hello! I am Momo aka Miriam and I am new to this KAL. I just have to say that several times over the last couple of months I have looked over this blog and found a lot of inspiration. There are so many gorgeous FO's from the book. And I love seeing so many people's interpretation of color and texture.

I was lucky enough to receive Knitting Nature as part of the One Skein Exchange - my partner really spoiled me - and I had been in love with the droplet hat since first looking over the book. So, I come to you with my first KN project: a droplet hat! My modification was to add earflaps because I felt like the hat was too short. (Hello, row gauge!)

There are more details and another photo on my blog, Kung Fu Knitting.

On another note, I wanted to share something about hexagons in nature. Here is a link to an interesting little article about the formation of a hexagonal band at one of Saturn's poles.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Member & Spiral Scarf question!

Hi Folks, I just joined the KAL after buying the book. After going back and forth, not being able to decide between so many beautiful projects, I decided to begin with the Spiral Scarf, and I have a question about the cast on.

It says to cast on using a "tail method" so that the tail can be used for casting on later hexagons and picking up stitches. But does this mean that you just have to leave a long tail for later pick ups, or do you have to do the long-tail cast on for the first one as well?

I just started the first hexagon with a knitted cast on and left a long-enough tail for picking up stitches for the next one, but thought I'd check with you all here. Could someone who's made this, or anybody who has the book look over the instructions and clarify it for me?

Pictures once I've done a couple of hexagons!



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sizing Down Shell Tank

Hello, and thank you for letting me join this KAL. I am very excited to get started on a shell tank, and have a supply of Rowan Calmer in Drift to use. I need to size the pattern down to a 34; would anyone mind telling me how to go about it? I know that Anna knit a beautiful one in a smaller size, and no doubt others have too. Thank you very much; I hope to have pictures to share soon!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Droplet o' Java

It's my first contribution to this, or any, knitalong: the Droplet hat from Knitting Nature. Here it is, resting on my desk in the sun. It's composed of 1.5 balls of Noro Cash Iroha in color 94, which I call "coffee."

The Cash Iroha knit perfectly to gauge and I didn't change anything about the pattern. Although I don't see any reason for it NOT to be knit in the round. Seeing that the author is very much interested in circular and alternative constructions, I figured there MUST be a reason this thing is knit flat. Upon finishing, I have not come upon one. Any thoughts?

My only quibble with my yarn choice is the fact that the rather dark color doesn't show off the intricate stitchwork as well as something a little lighter would. However, the Cash Iroha is SO soft and produces no forehead itch. It catches the light beautifully and looks even better after a careful handwash or two. There will be another one or two of these in my future!

See more at my blog!

New Member with Spiral Scarf

Hy everyone,
I'm new to this knit-along. Many thanks to Lilikoi for inviting me to the club.

I own the book "Knitting Nature" just a few weeks and this is my first project of it.

I loved the "Spiral Scarf" from the very first view and looked for the right yarn to make it. Finally I found "Bamboo Color" from Regia (shade 1066) and I'm very happy with it - it is so soft. I work double-stranded with 3,5mm-needles as the pattern defines. I like the pattern very much because it is so easy and the outcome is so impressive and - different.

This won't be my last knitting project from this book and from Laura Gaughan. Have you seen her short jacket in the last winter issue of Vogue Knitting? I think that will be my next challenge.

Keep on knitting and if you like have a look at my blog click here. I look forward to your comments.
Greetings from Germany


Sunday, March 11, 2007

I've started the Bubble Pullover

I've started knitting the Bubble Pullover from my stash, since I'm attending the Stashalong 2007.
I make it in two blue colours from Henrichsens Uldspinderi combined with marine kidmohair. I make most of the pullover in the petrol blue, but I'm doing 2 of the pentagons and maybe the beginning of one sleeve in cobalt blue. I've decided to swap the ssk's and the k2tog's to make the decreases a design feature, like Knot Another Hat did. As you can see, I'm on pentagon 4 now, and I really like to knit this sweater! I've always been fond of this kind of construction, where you knit up a sweater from smaller, identical parts.

I'm doing size medium since my gauge is somewhat smaller than what the pattern calls for, and I am a size small.

You can follow my progress on my blog.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sunflower Tam Strikes Again

I've taken up knitting hats to procrastinate and put off my senior project. The sunflower tam appeared as one of those hats.

The tam is done with double stranded Lamb's Pride (in medieval red) on size 7's and 9's. The lucky recipient happens to pull off the hat with graceful style. And the conception of the hat also was remarkably random (she mentioned she liked the hat, i had a lot of red yarn and said "how about red" and two days later, the hat was done).