Sunday, March 11, 2007

I've started the Bubble Pullover

I've started knitting the Bubble Pullover from my stash, since I'm attending the Stashalong 2007.
I make it in two blue colours from Henrichsens Uldspinderi combined with marine kidmohair. I make most of the pullover in the petrol blue, but I'm doing 2 of the pentagons and maybe the beginning of one sleeve in cobalt blue. I've decided to swap the ssk's and the k2tog's to make the decreases a design feature, like Knot Another Hat did. As you can see, I'm on pentagon 4 now, and I really like to knit this sweater! I've always been fond of this kind of construction, where you knit up a sweater from smaller, identical parts.

I'm doing size medium since my gauge is somewhat smaller than what the pattern calls for, and I am a size small.

You can follow my progress on my blog.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Tiger Feet said...

Wow, that's interesting how swapping the decreases makes such a prominent feature! I like that you are customizing the design, and making it your own... and love the mix of yarns and colors!

My black bubble is basically at hte same point yours is... great for the August like weather we are having in LA now!


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