Friday, June 30, 2006

Hi everyone! I've been looking at this blog for a while now because I love this book! Felow portlander, larissa, has started a state-fair-along to get more people to enter knitting, or anything really, in their local fair this summer. I decided to join so I wanted to knit something really interesting for the fair. I knew that I wanted to make something from this book and after much deliberation, I chose the ogee tunic.
I'm almost done with the first sleeve and so far I haven't found any pattern errors. I didn't set out trying to make it in the same color as in the book. I originally wanted to knit it in pink or lavender but I couldn't find a color that I liked. Since I'm on a time crunch, I didn't want to waste too much time choosing yarn so I went with this pretty turquoise color. It's knitpicks merino style and the color is tide pool. I got guage with a size 5 needle so it's working out well!

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