Monday, August 21, 2006


hi all - my name's arielle, and i've been knitting for about five years and crocheting for more. unlike everyone i know, i love both equally. i work in a psychiatric hospital with adolescent girls, most of whom i've taught to do something with yarn.
so, enough of that. on to the good stuff. i'm knitting the spiral cowl pullover! it took me a long time to finish the front, back and one normal sleeve, as i had run out of yarn for a month or so before winning a nice ebay auction.
now, i've put it off long enough - i'm finally on the pretty sleeve. it's a troublesome piece, though, and i've had to re-start more than a few times (like 12). i've gone to stich n' bitches, i've gone to my favorite LYS, but the only thing that's finally worked is scrapping about half of the instructions and making it up as i go. i've got about three inches now, and going strong.
from what i can tell (i've been following this KAL for a while), no one else here has tackled this pattern. maybe my finished pictures (whenever they come) will inspire someone.

happy to be here, happy to be knitting.


At 3:10 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

Cowl Pullover- I love this sweater but I'm baffled by the instructions for the funnel sleeve. Has anyone finished this project who might be able to offer some help? Thanks.


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