Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Europe is in

Hi fellow knitters,
I am French & Swiss and just in love with Knitting Nature.
I feel very close to Norah Gaughan as I have the same profile: very much interested in arts and biology, I also eventually studied Biology. The difference is that knitting is my hobby and I live in the nature (remote area in the Jura mountains), and I use biology for a living.
As Norah says we don't like " do whatever you like or want"... it is not challenging enough, we prefer having some limitations so that it stimulates our imagination. I also can't stick with the directions of a knitwear, there is always something personal to add or change: as an example I wish to knit the Serpentine Coat...but shorter.
The yarn is ordered, by the time I get it, I will probably (as many other knitters) start something else from that gorgeous book.


At 8:33 AM, Blogger filambulle said...

Hi! I am swiss too! I have been inspired by this kal, and have started my first project of this magnificent book two weeks ago. I am progressing slowly, but steadily, and am enoying myself a lot. Love NG
xo from chavornay!


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