Monday, September 04, 2006

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

My (uncharacteristic) patience has paid off. My book finally arrived in the mail yesterday after the saga with my initial order. At least I ended up getting it on sale at Amazon.

I've decided to make the Asymmetrical Cardigan even though it's approaching summer in Australia and I already have several projects on the go.

However, it's my favourite in the book and I love knitting things in one piece (anything to avoid seaming), such as the Sideways Spencer I did earlier in the year.

Plus Monika's completed project pictures are very encouraging.

I did a gauge swatch last night - apologies for the poor quality photo (I have a day job so it's too dark to take photos 'in natural light' when I get home, as many of you will identify with) - I'm using the 12ply in grey from Nundle Woollen Mill, which Hubby Jerms and I visited earlier this year. It's obviously not as soft as the 100% cashmere recommended by the pattern, but hey, who's got that sort of money???

I've only had a cursory read of the pattern but there's something wrong with the sleeve length. Unless the model has really really short arms, there's no way the sleeve including the 6" ribbing is only 20". I'm pretty sure that's the length EXcluding the ribbing. Will see.


At 6:08 AM, Blogger Monika said...

There are pictures of my daughter wearing the asymmetrical cardigan. She loves it, but it gaps open into a triangle, because the buttons are more on top, you might want to change that. I made the petit size and the sleeves are fine, she likes it that way. The only thing is, that they made a mistake in the length of the back. If I would have followed blindly, it would have been 3" longer. I don't know about the other sizes.


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