Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Problems with Swirled Pentagon Pullover Schematic

I knit the body up to the start of the armhole shaping and one sleeve is almost there.

However, the sweater schematic is misleading. On the left, it shows that the length of the sweater body (for the smallest size) is 22.5 inches from the bottom of the sweater to where it is joined to the yoke. If you do the math, adding all the other measurements in the schematic, it appears that 22.5" inches is the total sweater length.

12.5 + 3.75 + 5.25 = 21.5
body to underarm + armhole depth + pentagon height

The math still doesn't add up unless they meant for the body to be 12.5 inches from the beginning of the stockinette section instead of from the absolute beginning.

21.5 + 1 (ribbing) = 22.5

Are other pattern books from this publisher, STC, also this error-ridden?

On another note, the sleeve width is rather narrow. Even though I made the smallest size body and the next size up sleeve, the sleeve is still snug. It is still comfortable enough to wear without a shirt underneath the sweater. But I just wanted to warn everyone in case they wanted to use this as a layering sweater. If you add extra sleeve stitches, they should gather nicely without puckering into the stretchy yoke.

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