Sunday, April 22, 2007

another new member!

Hi everyone!

I've had an eye on this KAL and have loved watching all of your projects come to their exciting conclusions. Some of the things I've seen posted here have inspired me or prompted me to reconsider knitting certain garments out of knitting nature - my most favorite knitting book ever... Norah Gaughan is a genius.

Anway, I was so eager to make something - anything - out of the book that I started small and immediately set to making the sunflower tam.

The lite lopi's a little scratchy for me, but what a fun knit - I loved seeing the pattern emerge. After that, I dove into bigger projects, like the Ram's horn jacket. Here's one of the fronts, with a contrasting blue wool hem that barely peeks out:

I've since finished both of the fronts and one sleeve but I've temporarily shelved this because it's getting a little too warm to work on it here.

Lastly, I've just started the basalt tank. See - my yarn for it (wool cotton in a chocolate color) just arrived from WEBS!! I'm making mine with half hexagons on the sides and I'm hoping it will turn out as beautiful as this one by kelp! knits. Truly an inspiration.

Sorry for the long post - more info on these and other projects at my blog here.


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