Tuesday, September 26, 2006

new member fo and a wip

My mom bought me this book while she was in town visiting me. I love so many of the projects. for some reason i like the fall/winter stuff much more than the tank tops. good thing, since the weather is turning colder.

i made the droplet hat. it was a fun quick knit. very engaging. i used one hank of knitpicks merino style and knit on #7 denise circs. my hat is a bit smaller than called for. i also modified the pattern to knit in the round. the hat has since been washed and blocked and the texture has smoothed out a bit more. i made this as a gift, but i'd like to make another for myself some day, maybe in a tweedy yarn.
Droplet Hat from Knitting Nature
Droplet hat

right now i'm working on the bubble pullover. i am actually up to the 4th pentagon, but no photo. i'm using some kool-aid dyed henry's attic texas on #5 denise circs. the finished sweater measurements are way too big for me, so i'm using a thinner yarn in the hopes that it'll be the right size. and yes, i did do the math, but the construction is so unusual it's hard to tell if i got it right. it's fun to knit at any rate.
Second hexagon finished


At 9:59 PM, Blogger kelp! said...

Pretty hat! Love the color. I had forgotten about that pattern in the book, I may have to whip one up this winter...


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