Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Knitting Along At Last

I must be the latest starter on a Knitting Nature project. Since receiving the book, I've been madly trying to finish off Arisaig so I can start the Asymmetrical cardi.

Well at last here's the evidence that I am actually knitting along rather than just salivating at everyone else's finished projects...

I love how quickly this knits up compared to poor old Arisaig which was done on 3.0mm. What a killer.

I'm using the 12-ply wool in grey from Nundle Woollen Mills, which I visited with reluctant husband earlier this year. You can read about our adventures here and here.

The 50g balls are just AUD$4.50 each and I'm pretty sure they ship overseas. They have a fantastic range of colours.


At 9:10 AM, Blogger tree said...

Hi -- I'm just about where you are on the AC... will post pics shortly... anyhow, I found a little error in the pattern -- right front, Shape Front Neck decreases... small says total 90 after decreases BUT my numbers add up to 86... did you find this?

At 7:16 PM, Blogger princesspumpkin said...

Yep, there is an error with the right front neck shaping. You should only BO 4 st ONCE, not twice (to match the left front neck shaping). Of couse I discovered it AFTER I'd completed the neck shaping...

Also, when you're up to the back, DON'T knit 13" in pattern and then 3" of 2x2 rib. Unless your back is 3" longer than your front... :)


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