Monday, October 02, 2006

Tall celts

Hello! Thank you for letting me join - and for the prospect of help!

'Knitting nature' is fairly new over here in England - or at least where I live. I fell in love with the patterns immediately, and like a kid with a bag of sweets I want to try them all at once! And to use the basic structures in designs of my own.

At the moment I'm zoming up 'Turbulence' for my daughter Rhiannon. The plain stocking stitch isn't a problem because I have the latest Janet Evanovitch to read.

BUT I'm concerned about the length. Rhiannon is 5'10", and the measurements sound short to me. Then I found this Knit-along and read your comments. They confirmed my fears - but do you think you could be even more helpful and give some idea of your height when you comment on length, please?


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